Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I've been working my behind off getting "official" clearance to begin organizing our silent auction, I've just received an email that indicates that there may be an issue with a raffle license at the University.

First of all, according to the rules and regulations that I've read, a silent auction does not fall under the defnition of "raffle" as put forth by the Circuit Clerks office (the awarding of prizes must involve an element of "chance" to be considered a raffle. If we have a sign-up sheet where people list their contact information and highest bid, there is no element of chance, and voila -- no raffle. I am going to have to call the circuit clerk's office tomorrow. Or better yet, go down there in person on Thursday morning.)

While we want to be 100% sure that all of our activities are legal, this is a major frustration. According to the information I've researched, our group should qualify as an educational group, which is one of the types of groups listed as eligible for a raffle license in this county. If not an educational group, definitely a fraternal group.

If worse comes to worse, perhaps we will just have to purchase our own $25 raffle license for this event. Or auction everything off in an non-silent auction. Because an out-loud auction is DEFINITELY not a raffle.

So, now I have the challenge of not only finding out if the silent auction is a considered a raffle, but then also convincing the powers that be at the university that what we are doing is actually legal, and ...... well, let's just say that dealing with mindless bureaucracy is NOT my strong point.

We'll get there. If there were no challenges, we would not learn anything.


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