Sunday, September 25, 2005

Meeting tonight

Our group is getting together again tonight to meet and plan our strategy. I received a big box of information today from EF, the Educational Tour Company that we have choosen to do business with. We've done a lot of research into these types of tour companies, and we've choosen EF on the basis of a few big factors:

(1) They are less expensive than any other company we researched -- they will allow us to travel during the month of May, which, due to the fact that "tourist season" begins on June 1, is much less expensive for us.

(2) Not only are they less expensive than any other company we looked at, we will recieve a $1000 "referral bonus" since I refered Valerie (Hey, the ALT + 130 doesn't work for me, you'll have to show me how to do that) as a tour leader.

(3)The last, and perhaps greatest factor in choosing EF over another company was their reaction when we mentioned that we had a student in a wheelchair. EF's response was positive and enthusiastic, and the representative told us that it wouldn't be an issue at all. Other companies (I won't mention any names) that we contacted, while not exactly negative, seemed a tad discouraging.

I believe that we've made a great choice.

We have a great deal to cover in this evening's meeting -- I can't wait!



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