Saturday, October 08, 2005

Bash the Beater -- Cream the Car -- Wreck the Ride

Whatever you call it, it's going to happen!

Amanda has informed me that she can have the car here early on Friday (11 or so) so that we can spraypaint it before we destroy it. A couple of us can be taping the windows while the rest of us are painting the car. Ideas for paint? Targets, bandaids, whatever.

Amanda told me that the car is a 1980 Monte Carlo -- we're talking about a BIG OLD CAR -- far more fun to destroy than say a little Kia (besides, Kias fall apart like their made with legos upon impact) or a Ford Focus. (And less expensive than say a Mercedes or a BMW).

So, those of you attending, plan on being there at 11 or so to help get the car painted, set up and ready to whack.



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