Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bash a Beater Fundraiser

I don't want to get anyone TOO excited, but....

We have permission from the "officials" at the University to do the "Bash a Beater" fundraiser from 12 noon to 3 or 3:30 pm on Friday the 14th-- just before Farm Games.

I need to clear the logistics about the car with Amanda, to make sure she can get the car there and away within the time frame allotted, and as long as everything is copacetic, we can do this!

I'm really, really counting on those of you who live on campus and in the dorms to get people enthusiastic and pumped up about this fundraising event. We also have permission to leave the glass in the car as long as it's taped, and of course you know those first few hits will be directly to the windows! YES!

Anyway, I need as much help as possible on the day of the the event, and in the next few days leading up to this event. Also, we WILL have a planning meeting at Panera on Sunday night!




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