Friday, October 07, 2005

Bash the Beater Fundraiser.

OK, we've got a place, we've got a time and we've got official permission!

Now, we just need a few things to tie up the loose ends of this event, and we are good to go. If anyone has, or knows where to procure any of the following, please let me know so I can take them off of the list and quit worrying about them:

*A couple of cans of spray paint to decorate the car before we smash it up
*A card table
*Chairs -- preferably card chairs or camp chairs
*Push brooms (I'd like to have two -- for cleanup)
*Dust pans
*A BIG tarp -- we really, really need a big old tarp
*Sledgehammers (two at least)
*gloves with leather palms

Do we need a money box or anything like that? I mean obviously we need a place to put any money collected. We also need to decide how much we are going to charge for this thing.

So if anyone can help out with any of the items on the list, (especially the tarp) please let me know.

Oh, and also, let's send a big THANKS to Amanda who donated (or talked her husband into donating) the car, a 1980 Monte Carlo and the towing service to and from the University. YAY for Amanda and YAY for a free tow!



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