Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Excellent News!!

Great News -- We have tentative permission for both the "Beat a Beater" and the Silent Auction!! YAY. Lots of good things are happening today!

James is going to follow up with the Police Department and also Dave Taylor, the grounds guy, so lets all keep our fingers crossed and our hopes in that direction! (I think it's going to be fine.) Dr. Ringle suggested that we have a waiver to sign, and we are going to work that into our ticket sales -- it should be a pretty easy process. We are also going to need a couple of card tables or such. (OOPS, I didn't put that on the request.) I can bring one, does anyone elsehave one they can bring? OH, and to James and Missy, there do not appear to be any events happening that afternoon at Sangamon Auditorium, so that's a good thing!

Dr. Ringle suggested that we have the beat a beater in the small parking lot between the front of LRH and the Sangamon Auditorium, which is a FANTASTIC location for that event! YAY! Now, we need to decide as a group, the perameters of the contest -- 3 whacks for $1? 15 seconds for $1? We're going to have to sit down as a group soon and get that all worked out. Also, we need tarps. I thought I'd be able to get a huge tarp from my dad, but it turns out that he has built a frame and is using it as a tent so he can build some cabinets under it. (Yeah, it's THAT big of a tarp.) Amanda? Beth, does Dave have a tarp we could use, maybe? Val? I can get a couple of small ones, if we have several small ones to put under the car, that would be fine. Anyone out there reading have a large tarp that you're willing to loan us?

Also, Valerie, Mr. Ringle would like to know how to say "Conehead" in French. :)

-- A very, very excited Christy


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great job


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