Sunday, October 02, 2005

International Festival

Friday afternoon, I spoke with Jonathon GoldbergBelle and his GA, Amit in regards to the International Festival. The Festival will take place this year on Oct. 30 (the same day that I kind of wanted to do the "Beat a Beater" event, but we'll figure it all out.).

I think this will be an EXCELLENT PR opportunity for our club. If we have a strong, vibrant presence at the Festival, perhaps the administration will see that we are a group of intelligent, determined students who are working hard -- not only for our own benefits, but also for the benefit of the University community. I have a lot of ideas for our display at the festival, and I am looking forward to hearing everyone else's ideas as well --I'm hoping that a couple of you will jump on board with me to form an "international festival" committee, so we can keep the planning as organized as possible (says she who suffers from terminal disorganization!).

I've spent several hours this weekend downloading French TV commercials from the internet -- and a couple more hours putting them all together in movie form. I'm not done, but I'd like to have this as an interactive A/V component to our table at the international festival.

There are prizes for the best booth, as well as the best "theatrical" or "entertainment" display --Although I'm not sure if we can pull something together for entertainment -- James, can you do wheelies?


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