Monday, October 10, 2005

Study, study, study...

Is anybody else out there feeling a little overwhelmed with this whole mid-term thing? I'm studying SO hard, Val, I promise. So just remember that you love us all and that we will be knowing where you sleep on the trip this summer. ;) Anyways, I'm completely stoked about the new t-shirts. I LUV 'em and can't wait to wear them at the Beat the Beater thing on Friday. Also, I want to give say that I left a stack of cards at Abbey's Sewing Center when I went in to teach tonight. (I love those Viking sewing machines, btw....they're amazing. I just learned a new technique when I was playing tonite, holler at me if you're a sewing buff and I'll share.) So, the manager is an amazing women (Hehe, thanx Mom) and let me leave some there for people to grab with all our information on it. I even had some new gals in class tonite. They were so excited for me about the trip that they took a card with our blog address so that they could keep up to date too. Anyways, back to the books. Bon chance, tout le monde!


At 1:10 AM, Anonymous Aakash said...

It has been so difficult to focus and concentrate (well, that is true for me many times, but especially around this time, with everything that is going on...); I hope things get better soon. Best of luck to all of you with exams and projects!


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