Monday, October 03, 2005

walmart-- no go

alright guys... i called walmart this morning and asked them about setting up a table ouside to do the applications for credit cards.. they told me that we cant do it cause they only let people sit out there for non-profit organizations like sellin cookies or something.. apparently credit cards dont apply to that... soooooooo they turned us down. i had an idea tho.. if we could set up a table to "sell" cookies... and also to see if we can recruit any body for credit card apps... that may work... we can tell wally world that we will be sellin baked goods... which isnt a lie... haha...

on another note... i stopped by the comp. lab at HSB... can anyone say lucky 15!!! (wink wink) haha...


At 7:58 PM, Blogger The Trials and Travails of the UIS French Club said...

You are sneaky.

We'll just call WW a wash, I don't want to make anyone angry. :) Thanks for calling, though and making the effort.

We will figure out a way to do this. We will.


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